Friday, August 28, 2009

“mEmorAbLe dAy”

- 27 Aug 2009 - physiology test= the end of the world -

after the stupid test,
i wanna to cry already,
i do a lot of mistakes!!!!!!!!!!

who say i didn't study the physiology???
but the teacher ask “compare and contrast the muscle tissue fiber”
we got numerous questions for each chapter you abide it and set this kind of the stupid question, who know???
for me,
i really dun know ><

then the teacher ask the mitotic phase...
i thought is prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase...
then i throw up all the things i have memerised happily, but still wrong and the teacher want those G0, G1, interphase and so on....

then there is a blur veniscular transport diagram and how i know what should i write???
i know is exocytosis but you say "transport without using the cell membrane"
ei, i thought no matter is active, passive and veniscular transport all are needed to pass through the cell membrane???

what is this???
then the MCQ still got the minus mark marking ><'
how how??????
how how how?????????
i scare i will fail the test ><

i study a lot...

i memeorise those study anatomy terms, organelles, 11 systems, transport (active, passive and transport),
i just not really familiar with the tissues only...

then the teacher set the question which is sub subtissue...
so fed up ><'


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