Wednesday, June 10, 2009

yam cha with cc

really met him randomly

we met due to the vegetarian cake

he asked me where can buy the vegetarian cake...
sweating (= ='')
how i know???
actually if you eat egg, you can eat normal cake...
the difference between them is one with eggs and one without egg.
so i asked him whether his friend eats egg or not...
but then he said he don't know ><
since i'm on the way driving to buy my lunch
so i helped him spy around...
then i found out las toast has sold.
but then he can't find the place...
he asked me how to go....
this must be a millennium joke in this world...
i don't know how to direct people ><
so have to drive back to the place from my house.
however he didn't buy the vegetarian cake since his friend can egg cake (=='')

after we bought the cake and we went old town yam cha and IOI Mall
we crapped a lot...
even from pha-Max to pha-LIM also.

i will open a company named as pha-LIM


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